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Who We Are
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About Us

Since 1993, we have worked with healthcare organizations of all kinds to distribute health information to patient communities: to promote good health, as well as the practical services and offerings associated with their organizations.

Whether you are a single practitioner, large network of hundreds of thousands of physicians, disease management company, life sciences company, medical device company, or another type of health-related organization Update for Health’sTM industry-leading technology and products will help you reach your goals.

The Update for Health platform keeps your organization front-and-center at all times – automatically personalizing the health information for patients, plan members, employees, and consumers – tracking all traffic and data separately, giving you control of what content to show or not show, as well as easy-to-use online tools to manage it all.

A Foundation in Healthcare

Our first products (pre-Internet) were patient education kiosks which resided in physician offices and hospitals (including the Mayo Clinic). Today, all of Update for Health services are online with marketing and educational programs in multiple specialties with healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

We fully realize that healthcare providers of all kinds do not have the time to be software developers or medical writers. That is why all of our products come with health information pre-populated for your specific need or specialty and easy-to-use online tools to manage everything.

Update for Health is led by a core group of dedicated employees who have built a company whose reputation for quality, integrity, and service has made a true contribution to better healthcare in the United States.


We believe strongly that healthcare information should be provided by the patient's specific place of care, rather than from a generic source that the patient has little connection with. This has been our belief since the launch of our first interactive kiosk that resided at the Mayo Clinic almost 20 years ago. Since that time, we have been dedicated to developing and delivering products exclusively for the healthcare environment.

Paradigm for Success

With almost 20 years of working directly with medical practices, hospitals, life sciences companies, pharmacies, PBMs and other healthcare organizations we have developed a deep understanding of what drives Patient Engagement, usage, and retention of these online services in healthcare. Our products and services have been built to address the many intricacies of the unique healthcare marketplace. Our paradigm for success includes: attracting, engaging, and retaining all users across all of our product offerings.

Current Network

The Update for Health Patient Education Network currently supports a number of specialty areas:

  • Cardiology
  • Fertility
  • Gastroenterology
  • Oncology
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Primary Care and Family Practice
  • Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology
  • Urology
  • Women's Health

How It Works

Our e-newsletter and educational website programs are private-labeled for each care organization.

Patients are directed by your facility to your website for health and practice information (e.g., forms, questionnaires, insurance, etc.). When the patient visits your website, he or she has the opportunity to sign up for your facility e-newsletter. Patients may also be signed up to receive your health e-newsletter through your management portal at time of check-in, through your Practice Management System, or at other points of contact with your facility.

Current statistics show that readership of these e-newsletters by patients is well above the rates shown on other general health web portals making it one of the most powerful tools to direct patients to your website on a regular basis.

Your organization receives periodic e-reminders containing administrative information, tips, and alerts of ways to keep your newsletter and education website informative and current. Template-driven updates can then be made immediately online from your own management portal.

One reason for the high readership and utilization of your e-newsletter and educational website is that the medical information is provided from your organization. When the patient logs on to a site or views your newsletter, it is your organization that is front-and-center. The result is continuing and growing usage and Sustained Engagement by your patient community.

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Value to the Patient: Patients find answers to frequently asked questions, health information, surveys, and login to your Patient Portal and other patient-facing initiatives through your e-newsletter and on your educational website without needing to call.  Since this information comes from your facility, this builds and reinforces the connection between your patient community and organization.

Value to the Care Provider: Improved health education for patients results in better patient encounters, greater patient understanding of medical information, and improved treatments and adherence - in short, better patient care.  Health information can also be annotated by the individual provider exclusively for his or her own patients. The provider also learns more about what his or her patients are concerned about and what their opinions are about the care they receive by reviewing usage statistics and patient survey responses in their Update for Health online Management Portal.

Value to Provider Organizations: Managers and administrators can market their organizations, drive utilization of their Patient Portals and other patient-facing initiatives, improve efficiencies by reducing "phone time" for FAQs, improve new patient intake, and provide or reinforce "lessons" commonly given by nurses or other healthcare providers.  Organizations can learn more about what their patients are concerned about and what their opinions are about the care they receive by reviewing usage statistics and patient survey responses in their Update for Health online Management Portal.

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Trust and credibility are the most important aspects of providing top quality medical information.  Utilizing Update for Health technology, each care provider or organization may also customize and add to the health information to meet the specific needs of his or her own patient community and specific protocols.

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The Update for Health platform and its related products and services are part of a highly scalable, database-driven content management and communication system built specifically for the healthcare setting. It is provided on a hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis so healthcare organizations do not need significant IT resources to get started and there is no software to install. The Update for Health platform allows for full-functioning e-newsletters and websites to be created in real-time (i.e., immediately online) that are focused for a specific specialty and then automatically private-labeled for the healthcare organization. Our rules-based personalization engine allows for ongoing customization of health information for each patient based on their viewing history as well as preferences they provide. All utilization of services is tracked for each specific organization and provider.

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