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Patient Communicator eNewsletter

Feature What / Why
Your Announcements
and Features
Your e-newsletter comes with a section for your own announcements and features, so you can tell your patient community about:
  • A new service you offer
  • Seasonal reminders
  • Stay-healthy tips
  • A new physician, equipment upgrades
  • An award or accreditation you received
  • Events
  • ANYTHING you want to tell your patient community
This type of patient communication is supportive of Meaningful Use and Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiatives.
Links to your Patient Portal Your Patient Portal is only effective if patients use it.
Your Patient Portal + Your Patient Communicator eNewsletter = the Best Solution for Patient Portal Utilization.
The Latest Health News, Built-in Fresh content is what keeps your patients engaged with your communications. Your e-newsletter comes with its own automated, award-winning news feed which populates your e-newsletter automatically, keeping it fresh and up-to-date at all times with the latest health news.
Pre-setup Templates Your e-newsletter template is setup in advance for you. You won't need to worry about designing and coding your own e-newsletter template. If you have a design or look-and-feel, we will match it for you.
Click, usage tracking You can view all of your e-newsletter usage any time in your online portal. All e-newsletter usage is tracked separately by individual issue.
Archives Your past e-newsletter issues can be posted on your website. Archives are updated automatically with the most recent and past issues.
Work-flow Reminders Healthcare organizations are busy places. The system reminds staff in advance that your e-newsletter is scheduled to go out so it will always stay fresh.
Automated content personalization Your patients will be more engaged with your e-newsletter if the content is relevant to them. Our automated personalization system means that this is done for you automatically and will keep your subscribers interested.
Content Filtering by Specialty Depending on your practice's specialty your e-newsletter will prioritize health information from those areas. We will also filter out content not needed.
Web Service Some organizations want to seamlessly integrate their e-newsletter signup into existing registrations on their websites, or within their Practice Management Systems. Our proprietary Web Service allows e-newsletter signups to integrate seamlessly into any of your existing registration areas.
RSS Feeds Every e-newsletter template is already setup to take in RSS feeds.
Network-Level Messaging / Advertising Healthcare organizations can send their specialized messages and advertising across their entire e-newsletter population – or target specific segments.
Repeat Scheduling Our scheduling system allows you to setup a schedule that works for you and your partners so your e-newsletter(s) will run without the need to schedule each issue.
Deliverability Management Automated bounce processing, feedback loops, CAN-SPAM compliance, and ISP protocol maintenance keep your e-mails in patient inboxes.

Advanced Engagement / Management Tools
Link Targeting
Send specific content only to those users that match certain attributes, such as users with specific health interests, gender, or location.
Group Targeting Send content to specific groups that you define.
Content Regionalization Content Regionalization allows your users to ONLY see content (such as classes and events) that matches with each individual users’ geographic (regional) information.
Content Filtering / Exclusion Review and exclude any of the health news topics, categories, or individual articles you do not wish to be included as part of your e-newsletter delivery at any time.
Corporate Portal Dashboard portal to manage and monitor an entire network of users (from 2 to 20,000+).  For example, used by Health Plans to manage/view its network of private-labeled employer Programs.

Complete CommunicatorTM eNewsletter System

  • Three e-newsletters to meet all of your marketing and communication needs. All managed from one central, easy-to-use online portal.
  • Easy content management so you can add all of your important messages and updates to your e-newsletters for existing patients, prospective patients, and physicians.
  • Supports both Meaningful Use and NCQA's Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).


  1. Patient eNewsletter
    • Contains the latest health news articles personalized for patients.  Same health news used by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    • Space for you to add announcements (hospital updates, RSS feeds, news, events, health tips, etc.) for your patient community
    • Space for you to promote areas of interest on the web
  2. Marketing / Promotions eNewsletter
    • Maintain a separate list just for your marketing and promotional efforts
  3. Physician eNewsletter
    • Useful for promoting your hospital to your physician network and colleagues

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