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Patient Engagement
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Email marketing is projected to bring in $35.02 for every dollar spent by 2016
Mobile's return for every dollar spent is expected to be $12.45 in 2016
– Direct Marketing Association, "Power of Direct Marketing" study, 2011


Update for HealthTM HOSPITAL eNewsletter Platform

  • Fully branded and designed e-newsletter(s) for your hospital network
  • Personalized health information delivered via our automated system
  • Featuring your RSS feeds, news and events

Advanced Engagement / Management Tools

  • Demographic targeting (send content to subscribers with specific attributes)
  • Content Regionalization (deliver news and events to subscribers in specific geographic regions)
  • Group targeting (send content to specific groups that you define)
  • Content Filtering / Exclusion
  • Corporate Portal, dashboard, and communication portal

    • Regionalization Management
      : Select specific content to only be delivered to certain geographic regions.
    • Demographic Targeting: Based on user attributes (such as gender or health interest) send specific content to users who meet the attributes you select.
    • Banner Management: Deploy banners in your e-newsletters at any time promoting specific news and events.  Target your banners to only be seen by specific groups that you define.
  • Surveys
  • See a sample newsletter

Your hospital e-newsletter allows patients to easily and immediately interact with your service lines, events, and offerings. Links back to your website, events, links to services you offer, new equipment, awards, Centers of Excellence...flows easily to your patient community. 

A hospital website is one of your largest marketing investments – but it is also very passive, requiring patients to visit it on their own or through search results.  Your e-newsletter is a proactive driver that brings your website to patients and significantly increases traffic to your website.  It will also increase repeat visitors which results in sustained engagement with your services.

Update for HealthTM – The Leading e-Newsletter System for Healthcare

  • Turn-Key System Built Specifically for Healthcare
  • Built-in user personalization engine delivers relevant health information, automatically, to your patient community.
  • The eNewsletter system is designed specifically for healthcare and includes the latest consumer health news and your hospital content (RSS feeds, Hospital News, Events...).
  • The ONLY eNewsletter engine capable of allowing hospitals to manage multiple eNewsletters under a single login as a turn-key system.
  • Our eNewsletter signup technology allows your eNewsletter signup to be seamlessly included in any of your Patient Registration areas on your website.
  • Target separate e-newsletters to special patient groups based on their preferences.  These targeted e-newsletters can be managed separately with their own look-and-feel, delivery schedule, and more.
  • View utilization statistics for your eNewsletter(s) anytime inside your online Management Portal. 
  • Utilize the same system to create a Physician-Focused eNewsletter for your Physician Network.
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